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We are a small group of experienced professionals that are active world-wide on Consulting and Advisory.

  AdVF advises a carefully selected core of clients. The nature of AdVF’s expertise dictates that it must be highly discriminating in establishing client relationships. These clients include high net-worth individuals as well as public and private business entities. AdVF is also proud of its service to several governments. What AdVF does best is provide a means for the exchange of ideas, concepts and transactions amongst buyers, sellers, borrowers, lenders and investors, at a level not generally available from other legal or financial consulting firms. Discretion is the essential attribute of all AdVF’s activities.   AdVF is a catalyst of success because of its experience in investment banking, commodities trading, barter and a wide variety of executive management and professional skills. Its network of high-level contacts contributes to AdVF’s ability and capacity to serve its clients profitably and well.   AdVF has developed several unique and proprietary investment plans for certain individuals and institutions which have achieved significantly above-market results. AdVF can make these privately constituted plans available to its clients in connection with relationships that AdVF has established with selected major financial institutions.   AdVF is an organization that exists to render QUALITY SERVICE by ADDING VALUE to a client’s investment portfolio or its business enterprises.   AdVF’s strength is also in its breadth. It accesses a formidable data-gathering organization giving it real-time information critical to making decisions in today’s world of twenty-four hour market accessibility. INVESTMENT   BANKING As a financial consultant, AdVF represents clients in mergers, divestitures and acquisitions. AdVF offers assistance in the placement of debt and equity, advises on matters of pricing, structure and sourcing. AdVF is particularly well positioned to barter transactions. These transactions have been the engines of commerce especially in  the Far East and Africa. AdVF has experience in stand-alone international barter agreements and in series exchanges that form the foundation of long-term trade and finance relationships. AdVF has also made a specialty in sensitization, having successfully managed the public issue and private placement of several issues of North American financial instrument packages into the European and Asian investment markets. Bundling instruments into optimum units is a specialty of AdVF. The company has also been active in major international lease financing.   As a consultant, AdVF provides advisory services regarding profit improvement programs, strategic planning, corporate development and specialized investment portfolios.   ACQUISITIONS/SALES/MERGERS AdVF assists corporate buyers and high-net worth individuals in identifying, screening and negotiating acquisitions. AdVF is a powerful extension of any acquisition team because of its research skills and its professional expertise. AdVF skills are equally useful in analyzing when and if companies should divest themselves of certain businesses or business areas. Once the decision has been reached, AdVF has the resources to manage the plan to successful conclusion.   AdVF prepares and submits profiles on each prospect, identifying and evaluating each candidate, whether for potential purchase, sale or corporate combination. AdVF legal and tax planning skills are of special use and importance to this process. AdVF take the lead in the negotiations, even conducting them on a totally blind and undisclosed basis. Alternatively AdVF can participate as a part of a team providing advice and analysis as client needs dictate.   FINANCE AdVF assists the client in structuring a financing proposal and/or documenting the tactics or strategy with a reasoned and practical business plan. AdVF has a reputation of hands-on success whatever the job takes, AdVF will find a way to get it done. The AdVF role may consist of client introductions to prospective investors or lenders. AdVF is also prepared to negotiate and complete a transaction on behalf of a client. AdVF experience in finance encompasses debt, equity, project finance, LBO’s, MBO’s, interim loans, permanent loans, equipment and project leasing. Whether the subject is merger, market entry, divestiture, acquisition or financing, AdVF can produce accurate, timely, intelligent planning documents for its clients all on a discrete and economical basis. AdVF has a division that performs analytic packaging services to assist clients in obtaining project or corporate financing. Because different clients have different perspectives in these areas, AdVF services have been broken into discrete increments in order to assist clients in selecting the most suitable means of obtaining desirable financing.   STRATEGIC ADVISORY SERVICE   PROFESSIONAL   MANAGEMENT AdVF’s consulting and advisory services can be as broad or as deep as the needs of its client. AdVF’s partners include bankers, lawyers, and investment professionals. AdVF’s research and analytic services have been discussed above. AdVF’s implementation skills are equally impressive.   AdVF can implement a business plan for a client, especially as a result of its negotiating and drafting experience. AdVF is notable in its ability to bring together a diverse group of professional talent to attack and solve difficult problems. COORDINATION, DIRECTION AND COST-EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT are the cornerstones of our effective implementation. Equally important to a client is the ability of AdVF to provide an independent evaluation of the quality and cost effectiveness of legal services. This analysis can be especially valuable in negotiating and closing a transaction and it can also be highly effective in rating the effectiveness of a client’s strategy.   SPECIAL   SERVICES AdVF can act as an undisclosed principal on behalf of a client to achieve a client’s objective. These services include -Legal, commercial and financial consulting, business planning, and implementation thereof for individuals and all types of business entities. -Investment advice and management services for high net-worth individuals, including total account management in comprehensive packages of services, including cash management, portfolio planning, funds transfer services, estate planning, tax planning, discretionary trusts and property transfers. -Specialized investment plans tailored to meet the needs and objectives of: -High net-worth individuals -Financial institutions -Pension and other investment trusts -Tax credit mixing (maximize benefits of double treaties). Discretion and experience are critical to this field where one error or miscalculation can spell disaster. Risk minimization is only achieved through continuous study and exchange of information. Typically, back-channel and otherwise non-public sources are the key to successful transaction planning to optimize economic benefit to the client.   METALS/CURRENCIES/COMMODITIES AdVF has world-wide connections in buying, selling and otherwise taking positions in commodities, contracts for commodities, and financial derivative products based on commodities. AdVF is also experienced in all aspects of the protocols surrounding the documentation and financing of these transactions. In addition to its trade management skills and experience, AdVF can assist in financing, sourcing, transporting, storing and selling all basic commodities and other tradable goods including bullion, precious metals and currencies.   AdVF has access to the financial markets where these goods are typically traded as well as extensive sources for many basic commodities themselves. The trading of commodities for investment purposes is an area of special expertise to AdVF. The company is equally well versed in dealing with the actual   commodities   themselves on behalf of sellers, buyers, users and brokers. Although the two areas often interrelate, AdVF is one of the few companies offering experience and expertise in both aspects of the business. This knowledge, which is continually up dated is a unique attribute of AdVF.   CONFIDENTIALITY AdVF believes confidentiality to be absolutely essential to the conduct of its business. AdVF’s clients recognize that same need for strict confidentiality. AdVF is never indiscriminate in the communication of information whether the objective is a sale, a purchase, an investment plan or another type of engagement. AdVF only exposes client information on a strict need-to-know basis.    CLIENT ENGAGEMENT AGREEMENTS AdVF requires that its prospective clients make application to the company so that the company can verify basic information necessary to qualify an individual or a business as a client. The company accepts clients on both a long-term retainer basis and for single purpose engagements. The standard client agreements comprehend the full range of consulting and advisory services available from AdVF. These contracts provide for base fees and also typically for additional fees based upon successful results obtained by AdVF. The company’s various divisions have, over the years, formulated a number of standard and accepted contract forms, developed for specific applications or for the provision of certain distinct services. Some of these contracts are available at fixed and pre-determined fees.   PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE AdVF’s partners and associates comprehend many seasoned executives with decades of hands-on experience in many areas of business endeavor. Every person associated with AdVF, however diverse their background, is dedicated to the principle of success. AdVF people thrive on challenge and refuse to concede that something worthwhile cannot be accomplished. AdVF believes that success breeds success, and all of its partners and associates have also enjoyed considerable records of achievement independently of AdVF. AdVF is an organization with talent, experience and enthusiasm for the next deal. The group is relentless in its pursuit of its clients’ objectives through imagination, intelligence and hard work. AdVF has an extensive network of partners, associates, support staff, and information-gathering sources world-wide, giving it a depth and breadth to meet the most challenging assignments

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